About the Project

Elmstead Energy Assessments & Building Services (EEABS) were asked to investigate the possible cause of heat losses, by way of a Thermographic Survey, at the Granary and Gatehouse Buildings extensions located at Lodge Park, Langham in Essex.

A thermographic survey can help to identify where heat is being lost through the buildings constructions whether this is due to gaps in insulation, air leakage around windows and doors, or other forms of heat losses such as cold bridges.

Our thermographic surveys consist of taking visual and infrared images of your building, from both the outside and inside. From the outside we will take infrared images of each elevation, and close-up more detailed images of any notable features, such as curtain walling. From the inside we will take images of the walls, floors, ceilings and around windows to analyse where any heat is being lost.

Services Carried Out

  • Thermographic Heat Loss Survey
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