With previous house building standards such as Code for Sustainable Homes now eradicated and generally incorporated within Planning Requirements and Building Regulations, here at EEABS we can advise you on any sustainability matters related to your development. Allowing you to focus on what you do best, building quality new Homes.

And with England projected to have an extra 210,000 homes built per year up until 2039, we know how busy House Builders will be.

Which is why we can work closely with House Builders to ensure that the sustainability requirements of their development are met in the most time-efficient and cost-effective ways possible. From small projects of only a handful of units right up to large scale developments containing hundreds of houses, bungalows or apartments.

House Builders in London should also be aware of the updated London Plan Energy Assessment requirements which are mandatory for all major developments (10 or more dwellings to be constructed or an area greater than 0.5 hectares).

We are experts in preparing energy assessments to comply with the London Plan, and we can carry out any SAP Assessments, Water Efficiency Calculations and CIBSE TM 59 Overheating Assessments required.

For mixed use or fully commercial developments we can also carry out the Dynamic Simulation Modelling required to assess the Carbon Emissions using the Be Lean, Be Clean and Be Green Energy Hierarchy.

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