Main Contractors

At Elmstead Energy Assessments and Building Services we have experience in working alongside Main Contractors on their Design and Build projects.

We understand that your contracts need to be built on time and to a budget, which is why our services are cost effective and available on extremely quick turnarounds when required.

We can help you by using our dynamic simulation modelling expertise to provide early design advice and insights to your project, this can help identify problem areas in the build before they crop up on site.

We can also assess any value engineering or other design changes to the build as the project progresses ensuring that any changes made would still comply with any Planning Conditions, Building Regulations, and Client Requirements.

M&E Sub-Contractors

As well as working for main contractors we can also work with mechanical or electrical sub-contractors.

Mechanical sub-contractors are now often asked to take responsibility for the Part L compliance, energy efficiency and thermal comfort of the project, and we can work with you to ensure these obligations are met.

With electrical sub-contractors we can provide advice on proposed lighting designs and how these would affect the carbon emissions and thermal comfort of the building. We can also carry out LENI calculations for your lighting scheme if these are required to demonstrate compliance.

ESFA Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) Reports

The ESFA Output Specification 2017 generic Design Brief states that contractors must support school building users by carrying out post occupancy performance reviews. There are three main stages to carrying out a Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) Report.

Stage 1 – Data Collection Setup (Pre-Occupancy)

Stage 2 – Initial Performance Review (3 to 6 Months Post Occupancy)

Stage 3 – Final Performance Review (9-12 Months Post Occupancy)

We can work directly for contractors to carry out the Building Performance Evaluation Reports required on their school projects.

You can find more in-depth information on ESFA BPE Reports here.

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