What is BREEAM 2018?

BREEAM New Construction 2018 (UK) is the latest release of the BRE’s environmental performance methodology for Buildings.

First launched in 1990 BREEAM assesses, encourages and rewards environmental, social and economic sustainability within the built environment.

Developments evaluated under the BREEAM methodology are scored against several different categories such as Management, Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, Land Use and Ecology, and Pollution, with additional credits available for Innovation.

The Developments score is tallied up and it receives an overall BREEAM rating.

BREEAM Rating % Score
Outstanding ≥85
Excellent ≥70
Very Good ≥55
Good ≥45
Pass ≥30
Unclassified <30

Which BREEAM rating your development may be required to achieve would depend on any planning conditions set or if they are a client requirement.

How we can Help

At Elmstead Energy Assessments and Building Services we can use our expertise in sustainability calculations and Dynamic Simulation Thermal Modelling to gain your development up to 29 BREEAM credits.

Hea 01 Visual Comfort – Up to 5 Credits

We can carry out the daylight factor calculations to meet the BREEAM requirements. We can also assess the building for its control of glare from sunlight and calculate the amount of floor area with an adequate view out.

Hea 04 Thermal Comfort – Up to 3 Credits

For Hea 04 Thermal Comfort we can create a thermal model using software in accordance with CIBSE AM11 ‘Building Energy and Performance Modelling’.

We can carry out the required overheating simulations to show that that building would not suffer from overheating both now and in the future due to climate change. We can also use the thermal model to inform the temperature control strategy of the building.

Ene 01 Reduction of Energy Use and Carbon Emissions – Up to 18 Credits

Using our Dynamic Simulation Thermal Model, we can calculate the energy usage, carbon emissions, and Energy Performance Ratio (EPR) of the proposed development. We can also use the model to predict the operational energy consumption of the building.

Ene 04 Low Carbon Design – Up to 3 Credits

We can evaluate the proposed building design and simulate the positive effects of any passive design measures incorporated. We can also assess the building for the possibility of using free cooling and carry out an in-depth Low and Zero Carbon Feasibility Study.

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