Part L2B building regulations apply to any new small extensions. Large extensions that are both over 100m2 and 25% of the existing building will be considered as a new build and the guidance in Part L2A should be followed.

In order to satisfy the Part L2B regulations the extensions construction elements and any mechanical or electrical services installed will need to meet the minimum design standards. An alternative way of showing compliance with the Part L2B regulations is to perform a whole building carbon emissions calculations, similar to what is carried out for new buildings under Part L2.



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At EEABS we will assess the status of your proposed extension to determine if it qualifies under either Part L2A or L2B regulations. If the extension needs to be assessed under Part L2B we will verify that your proposed constructions and services meet the minimum standards within our report.

If you need even more design flexibility we can also run a full dynamic simulation thermal model (Using EDSL TAS software) on the proposed extension to show that its carbon emissions will be less than a notional building and therefore satisfy Part L regulations.

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All our engineers at EEABS are registered Low Carbon Consultants. Set up by CIBSE and The Carbon Trust, the Low Carbon Consultant register can only be joined by consultants who have proven competence in the energy efficient design and operation of buildings.

We are also CIBSE Certified Low Carbon energy Assessors. CIBSE only registers experienced professionals as Energy Assessors, while other bodies will accredit assessors on completion of a short course. CIBSE also carry out regular compliance checks on our work ensuring that we offer nothing but the most accurate Part L2 reports (SBEM Calculations) and Energy Performance Certificates

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