Elmstead Energy Assessments & Building Services consultants can conduct existing utility services reports for both domestic and commercial buildings.

Using our skill and expertise as Chartered Engineers (CEng) and full members of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (MCIBSE), we can assess the current utility services, i.e. Mains Gas, Mains Cold Water, and Electricity feeding your existing buildings.

We can detail the current uses of mains utility services on site, such as boilers, fireplaces, and kitchens for Mains Gas, to determine the current loadings. We can also talk to building occupiers to establish if there are currently any issues with the main services provided, such as low water pressure. The primary energy meters will also be surveyed to make note of their type, serial numbers, and maximum capacities.

The findings on site will be compared to the existing incoming pipe or transformer sizes to determine if the current main supplies are adequate for the existing buildings, or if an upgrade in size is required.

If an extension or additional buildings are planned on the site, then it is vital that the mains utility services will be able to cope with any possible increase in demand.

At EEABS we can take into consideration any planned future works to evaluate the suitability of your existing main utility services. If an upgrade is required, we can also liaise directly with your local DNO (Distribution Network Operator) to inquire about the upgrade works as soon as possible, ensuring that your project is not hit with any costly delays.

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