We understand that Local Authorities may have hundreds, if not thousands, of properties that you need to manage on a daily basis, making it difficult to keep track of what buildings require energy compliance certificates carried out and when.

For example, did you know that any buildings greater than 250m2 that are occupied by a Public Authority and that are frequently visited by the public require an up to date Display Energy Certificate (DEC).

If the Building floor area is between 250m2 and 1,000m2 then the DEC is valid for 10 years, however if the floor area is greater than 1,000m2 the DEC is only valid for 1 year. This could mean hundreds of schools, leisure centres, libraries and other Public Authority Buildings may require their Display Energy Certificates updated yearly.

As qualified DEC assessors we can work closely with Local Authorities to identify which of their Buildings require DEC Certificates and carry them out at times most suitable for the building (schools can be surveyed early in the morning or late in the afternoon as not to disturb students). We can also keep track of your buildings and ensure that a new DEC is issued as soon as they expire, meaning you never have to worry about non-compliance and possible fines again.

We can also work with Local Authorities to produce Energy Performance Certificates on any of their buildings that they are planning to sell or let. If a building is falling outside of an E rating required by the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) then we can advise the most cost-effective improvements to make to the building to increase its energy rating.

We can also use our expertise in Dynamic Simulation Modelling to produce a thermal model of any existing buildings and investigate possible improvements. These results can then be used to provide evidence for Condition Improvement Funds (CIF) or various other funding streams.

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