The ESFA Output Specification 2017 generic Design Brief states that contractors must support school building users by carrying out post occupancy performance reviews on ESFA School projects.

There are three main stages to carrying out a Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) Report and we can be appointed by contractors to carry out all three. The three stages are:

Stage 1 – Data Collection Setup (Pre-Occupancy)

Stage 2 – Initial Performance Review (3 to 6 Months Post Occupancy)

Stage 3 – Final Performance Review (9-12 Months Post Occupancy)

Stage 1 – Data Collection Setup (Pre-Occupancy)

Stage 1 should be completed before the building is occupied. It involves ensuring that the automatic data collection is working for all main energy meters and sub-meters,which should include electricity, gas, water, temperature and CO2. These meters should be logged at 15-minute intervals using an Automatic Meter Reading system.

Any information that is also sent to the BMS, such as the temperature and CO2 readings of rooms, should also be automatic logged and readily available.

Stage 2 – Initial Performance Review (3 to 6 Months Post Occupancy)

An initial performance review should be carried out 3 to 6 months post occupancy. This should include a desktop analysis of the HVAC systems installed and a description of how their installation can impact on the buildings performance.

A site walk around should also be conducted with the School Management and Maintenance Staff, Main Contractors, M+E Contractor and Controls Specialist. This allows for any issues the school has been having within the first few months to be addressed instantly and allows for the Maintenance Staff to receive any additional training on the school’s BMS / HVAC controls if required.

The site survey also gives us the perfect opportunity to conduct the required ESFAstructured interviews and questionnaires with theschool Maintenance Team and Teaching Staff.

Following the site visit the initial 3 to 6 months energy data would be collected and the buildings initial performance would be compared against the design predictions produced from the Dynamic Simulation Model and ESFA benchmarks.

All the above findings are then collated, and an Initial Performance Review report is generated in a simple to understand format for the School.

From the results of the Initial Performance Review Report an Action Plan is developed to address any issues that are identified before the Final Performance Review is undertaken.

Stage 3 – Final Performance Review (9 to 12 Months Post Occupancy)

The final performance review should be carried out 9 to 12 months post occupancy and builds upon the work carried out in the Initial Performance Review.

The energy data for the school is collected for the 9 to 12 months period and undergoes an in-depth analysis.

Monthly trends from the data are extrapolated and used to show how the School performs through the different seasons.Daily profiles for the School in both winter and summer conditions are also generated in order to provide clear visibility on how each energy consumption service performs throughout a typical day.


An examination of the daily profiles should make it possible to see when the individual services are switched on / off or if they are operating out of hours when they shouldn’t be and therefore using additional energy.

With almost 12 months of energy data a final comparison of the energy consumption figures takes place. The actual energy usage is compared to the Generic Design Brief Technical Annex 2H Energy Targets and to the Dynamic Simulation Model predictions that was carried out during the buildings design stages.


The School’s Maintenance Team and teaching Staff are re-interviewed with the same questions so that progress can be tracked from the initial performance review. It also provides a check to determine if the action plan items developed during the initial review have been carried out.

Once again, all the results from the Final Performance Review are collated and a simple to understand report is generated to be given to the school. A final Action Plan can also be developed at this stage to address any issues that are still present.

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