What are SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) Calculations

SAP Calculations, also known as SAP assessments or by their full name the Standard Assessment Procedure, is the Government methodology introduced to determine the energy efficiency and carbon emissions for new dwellings.

SAP calculations for new dwellings are a legal Building Regulations requirement under Part L1A and are required, along with a Domestic Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), by your Building Control Body before a project can be signed off as complete.

SAP Calculations and Domestic EPCsSAPs aren’t just for New Builds

As well as brand new domestic dwellings needing SAP calculations the following types of building work may also require a SAP assessment carried out under Part L1B of the Building Regulations.

  • Dwelling extensions with a proposed glazing to floor area ratio of more than 25%.
  • Conversation of single dwellings into a number of separate apartments.
  • Barn Conversions to domestic dwellings.
  • Commercial properties to domestic dwellings.

What Factors can affect a SAP Calculation

As with commercial SBEM calculations, there are several different factors that can affect the energy efficiency of a dwelling such as.

  • The dwellings size, shape and orientation
  • The constructions used and their U-values
  • The amount of and type of Glazing
  • The Thermal Bridging (Psi) values
  • The HVAC services installed and their controls
  • The inclusion of any renewable technologies such as PV Panels.

How we can Help

At Elmstead Energy Assessments & Building Services we are fully trained and qualified On Construction Domestic Energy Assessors (OCDEA) capable of carrying out SAP calculations and producing domestic Energy Performance Certificates.

We often work alongside Architects, Contractors, and House Builders at the early design stages to ensure that their projects will achieve compliance. As with many aspects of good building design, the sooner the SAP calculation is considered in the process the greater the impact it can have on reducing carbon emissions, minimising project costs, and ensuring compliance with Building Control or any planning requirements.

Along with your SAP Calculations we can also carry out Water Efficiency Calculations and domestic overheating assessments such as CIBSE TM59 for the proposed dwellings. The results for all these can be submitted to your Local Planning Authority as part of an overall Energy Statement to help achieve Planning Permission, within London these would form part of a London Planning Energy Assessment.

For mixed-use developments we also have the skills and experience in Dynamic Simulation modelling (DSM) to assess the carbon emissions of any commercial units, allowing the energy assessments you require to be carried out all under one roof.

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