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It seems like its been a long time coming now, but finally this is the week that the new Part L, Part F, and Part O Building Regulations will be released.

The new Building Regulations will officially come into effect on the 15th June 2022 in England. Although they will not apply to work subject to a building notice, full plans application or initial notice submitted before this date. Provided the work is started before the 15th June 2023.

New Part L Building Regulations – Energy Efficiency

To ensure we are ready for the new Part L Building Regulations our staff have completed and passed the Part L 2021 Building Regulations Update Course and Exam provided by CIBSE.

Part L 2021 Update Course and Exam

We have also produced some summaries of the key changes within both the domestic and non-domestic Volumes of the Part L Building Regulations. That you can find below:

Part L 2021 – Volume 1: Dwellings

Part L 2021 – Volume 2: Buildings other than Dwellings

New Part F Building Regulations – Ventilation

Similarly for the new Part F Building Regulations, we have written an extensive blog post about the key changes and other things you need to know about the new regulations. Information about both of the Volumes can be found within the link below.

Part F 2021 – Volumes 1 and 2

New Part O Building Regulations – Overheating

Unlike the other two which are only updates, Part O of the Building Regulations is a brand new Approved Document.

Part O covers overheating within dwellings and buildings other than dwellings that can be used for domestic purposes such as Care Homes or Student Accommodation.

Although it is a new Building Regulation requirement, we are experienced in and have been running overheating simulations on various building types for years using a wide range of different methodologies such as BB101, CIBSE TM52, and CIBSE TM59.

We have also summarised the key areas of the new Part O overheating Regulations in a separate blog post that you can find below.

Part O 2021 – Overheating

How we can Help

The change over from one set of Building Regulations Approved Documents to another can be an extremely confusing time.

If you have a project that requires Part L, Part F, or Part O Building Regulations approval then please get in contact with us.

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